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Gaining confidence from a strong support system makes returning to work smooth sailing.

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Bobbi Fleming started preparing for her profession when she was still a child. “Being a dental hygienist was something that always intrigued me, and I knew I wanted to do something in healthcare. I had an aunt who was a hygienist–when I was a kid and she was in school, I got to be her patient. She always loved her job and was passionate about what she did. She was making a difference helping people and that is what I wanted to do.”

Now that she’s all grown up and practicing herself, Bobbi finds that her instincts were right on target: “I like building rapport with patients in the community and seeing their healthcare and oral hygiene improve. I have grown to like my job even more the longer I am doing it. The office I work in is great – everyone is very caring, and we all continue to build our skills and learn new techniques so we are able to provide better patient care.”

Having worked both at an independent practice and now with Midwest Dental. Bobbi sees the value a larger support organization brings to the table. “I really like that we have more opportunities for continuing education and are encouraged to take advantage of the opportunities. The overall standard of care is better than what we were able to provide in the private practice where I used to work. We have more access to information, and anytime you need anything, everyone is so helpful. You are not waiting around trying to get a hold of someone.”

As the designated Safety Officer for her practice, Bobbi is responsible for ensuring the team follows safety protocols and is up-to-date on any changes. “I think what I like most about being the Safety Officer is that I am the ‘go-to’ person. If there is a question about safety measures, people come to me. Safety officers get additional training and extra classes, so we are always informed. We have a great team in our office–I can only be the expert because I have the team’s support.”

In the face of COVID-19, Bobbi has been able to return to work with confidence thanks to the support she’s felt from Midwest Dental. “My friends kept asking me if I was researching COVID-19, and I said no because I knew the support team would have all the information we needed. I also knew they would have a plan in place for us to practice safely. With everything changing, I was confident that when we went back, our best interests would be taken to heart. I feel very confident telling patients that it is safe to come in when they ask.”

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