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One hygienist who never stopped learning now helps others learn and grow.

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Chris Heberle has done it all during her decade-spanning career. “As a child I had braces, and I became intrigued with dentistry over the course of my many visits to the orthodontist. In high school, I didn’t know what I wanted to do, so I started to look into dental careers. I received my Associate of Science degree in Dental Hygiene, and since then I’ve practiced as a hygienist, worked as an office manager, and now work as a trainer. There are so many roles that I have been able to do because of my education.”

In her current role as a Senior Training Specialist for Midwest Dental, Chris gets to use her education and experience to help others develop in their careers. “I like to help people. As a hygienist, I was doing that by helping patients, and now in this role I am helping other clinicians learn and continue to grow. I have the opportunity to both onboard new team members and support clinicians with ongoing development too.”

Being in the field for so long has given Chris a front-row seat to the many changes dentistry has undergone over the years. “There is so much more research on periodontal disease since I started hygiene over 30 years ago. We are better able to educate our patients, and even the verbiage we use now is different. For example, now we use the term ‘infection’ instead of ‘inflammation.’ Patients better understand this way because people know infections need treatment and can’t be left as-is. Therefore, with improved education, there is increased case acceptance.”

Working with Midwest Dental, Chris herself has had access to all the growth opportunities a larger organization can provide: “There is a lot of teamwork here–the support center is always working to give the practices what they need, and Midwest Dental also works on process improvement. We have to continue to change and evolve over time, and I think the company has done that tremendously in the six years I have been here.”

Whatever stage you are at in your career, Chris advocates making Midwest Dental part of your journey. “As hygienists we are always learning, and Midwest Dental has a lot of great resources and support for growth. I’ve worked at other group practices, and this is by far the best, with strong leadership that keeps patients as our #1 focus. While all of Midwest Dental’s core values are important, I’ve always felt joy coming through in particular.”

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