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Decoupling dentistry from ownership freed one dentist to follow his dreams.

Growing up in New Mexico, Dr. William McBride was not one of those kids who has to be coerced into the dentist’s office: “I always enjoyed going to the dentist as a child, especially the interactions with the hygienist and the dentist. I had braces in middle school, which fascinated me. I got to know the staff at the office, and they offered me a job working there after school and over the summers. As I learned more about a career in dentistry, I realized that it was the job for me.”

Figuring out his calling meant a change in scenery. “Knowing I wanted to pursue an education in dentistry, it was necessary for me to branch out of New Mexico since they don’t have a dental school. I chose the University of Iowa for college and stayed for dental school, then attended a one-year Advanced Education in General Dentistry residency at Virginia Commonwealth University.”

Once he finished dental school and began practicing, Dr. McBride found that his assessment had been spot-on. “I love building relationships and helping patients and families reach and maintain their oral health goals. I appreciate the combination of science, art, and technology, as well as interpersonal skills, required to properly care for patients.” It was the perfect balance between intellectual stimulation and human connection.

But while dentistry had always been Dr. McBride’s goal, business ownership was not. That’s where joining forces with Midwest Dental proved to be a perfect fit. “Midwest Dental assists with the non-clinical aspects of running a dental practice, allowing me to focus all my energy on taking excellent care of my patients and team,” which was exactly what he was looking for. “I also appreciate their focus on community involvement and ongoing continuing education, as well as the networking and collaboration available with other providers in the organization.” Dr. McBride has even had the opportunity to build a new practice from scratch, joining with his colleague Dr. Teahen to open a new Midwest Dental office in Coralville, Iowa in 2020.

Whether you are just starting out in dentistry, or are looking for your next step, Dr. McBride encourages you to keep your options open, continue to learn, and most importantly, know yourself: “Pursue as much continuing education as possible and focus on the aspects of dentistry you enjoy most. Refer out the parts you find less rewarding.” It is possible to find the balance that’s right for your career, and Midwest Dental is here to help you do it.

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