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Dental Practice Valuation

Full value for your dental practice.

We do not believe in cookie-cutter dental practice valuation formulas. There are countless variables that can increase, or decrease, practice value. Our goal is to help demystify the valuation process, provide a basic assessment and work with you on a comprehensive evaluation when you are ready to sell your dental practice. Contact us for a no-pressure consultation.

How we value your dental practice

First, we will perform a basic assessment. If after the assessment it makes sense for us to proceed together, we will perform a comprehensive evaluation.

How we value your dental practice – at a glance:

  • practice financials
  • location
  • local market conditions
  • area demographics
  • clinical production mix
  • staff expenses
  • office overhead
  • strong revenue source
  • fee schedule
  • number of active patients
  • number of new patients
  • patient retention
  • age distribution of patients
  • facility characteristics
  • contracts for current and former associates

Learn the Value of Your Practice Today

Please contact us to discuss opportunities.