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As practices reopened, safety was the name of the game.

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Shanin Peck, a Midwest Dental hygienist and full-time Assistant Clinical Professor at Wichita State University, knows a thing or two about the demands hygienists face under normal working conditions. And now that conditions are anything but normal, working somewhere she feels safe and supported is more important than ever.

Returning to work after COVID-19 quarantine was a significant hurdle for practices, and for hygienists in particular. “At first I was a little apprehensive about coming back, but Midwest Dental made me very comfortable. They scheduled a town hall zoom meeting to explain new processes and answer questions, and sent detailed reopening plans and documentation. I had heard stories of some dental offices in town that were struggling to get the PPE they needed, and a lot of my colleagues at other offices were scared and felt unprepared. They worried about telling their doctors they weren’t coming back right away or about losing their jobs, and they wondered if it would be safe at work. I never had to worry about that.”

With practices all over the country (and the world) competing for limited PPE resources, size has proven to be an asset for Midwest Dental: “I feel very lucky that I knew we would have all the proper PPE and that our organization was taking safety very seriously. They have resources that not all clinics are as fortunate to have.”

All that planning was put to the test as soon as patients began walking through the door: “On our first day back, appointments were spaced out and we were given plenty of time to disinfect everything and change PPE between appointments–it went very smoothly. Our patients are really appreciative they can get back in and they all thanked us for seeing them. Everyone has been very understanding of the new PPE and the pre-screening changes we’ve implemented.”

It has made all the difference for Shanin to work with an organization that cares about the health and safety of its employees. “We had some hygienists that were concerned and didn’t feel comfortable coming back right away, and Midwest Dental supported delaying their return. I liked that our organization reopened in phases, monitored everything, and continuously applied new learnings. Everything has been so professional–it gives me great confidence. I am just very happy to be back!”

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