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How seeking meaning and finding focus led to one doctor’s ideal career.

Dr. Andrew Taylor always knew that, whatever career path he chose, he wanted his work to have meaning. “I’ve always known I wanted to work in the medical or dental disciplines, and freshman year of college I began looking more closely at what I might enjoy doing within those fields. I’ve always loved working with my hands, tackling challenging tasks, and taking care of others, and when I started shadowing a dentist everything fell into place. It became clear to me I had found my calling. Dentistry provides me with a level of intrinsic reward I have yet to find elsewhere.”

After completing his undergraduate degree, Dr. Taylor moved to Boston to study dentistry. “While in dental school, I began to find my niche within dentistry. I came to love surgical procedures and knew I wanted to gain additional training after dental school.” So, he moved to Brooklyn for a one-year general practice residency at Kings County Hospital. “During residency, I worked closely with the oral surgery team and gained extensive training in various surgical procedures. Kings County Hospital is a Level I Trauma Center, so I was frequently on call for head and neck trauma in the emergency department and treated everything from gunshot wounds to routine incision and drainage of dental related infections. My residency provided me with a critical foundation which allows me to provide the highest level of care for my patients today.”

Although he didn’t yet know it, the next phase of his career would bring Dr. Taylor into the Midwest Dental family. “As my residency ended, I began looking for a job that would provide me with both autonomy and support. After speaking with a recruiter and learning more about Midwest Dental, I knew I had found the perfect fit.” His time with the Attleboro, MA practice has only reinforced that decision. “I have the autonomy to practice as I want, and I don’t have anyone telling me to produce more or work faster. At the same time, I have access to help and support when I need it—Midwest Dental provides a great balance.”

Now, having settled into his role, Dr. Taylor has some advice for new dentists or anyone looking to grow in their career. “Find your niche in dentistry and you will flourish. Focus on the types of procedures you enjoy doing and continue to get better at them. Avoid trying to do everything. It is very difficult to be good at every procedure, and there’s no harm in referring out a case. In the same vein, don’t be scared to admit you don’t know something. You can’t expect yourself to immediately have the answer to every question a patient may ask. If you explain that you need to do some research and get back to them with an answer, patients will respect your honesty.”

Just as he hoped, Dr. Taylor has discovered that there’s a lot to love about being a dentist. “When someone thanks me for the work I’ve completed on them, it provides a level of reward that can’t be matched. Seeing a person genuinely happy with my work in my chair is the biggest compliment I could receive.”

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